WGT Congressional Championship Winners

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8 years ago   by WGTwildcat

Thanks to everyone who played in last weekend's WGT Congressional Championship. We saw some great competition, with mere strokes deciding the winners. This was just the first in our Summer Tournament Series, so be sure to join in the rest for some more challenging competition and the chance to win more prizes.

Here are your list of winners, who all won Amazon gift cards for placing in the top three in each tier. Congratulations!

Pro Tier

  1. phanbrandon
  2. Flyersorange
  3. BetsyBraddock

Tour Pro Tier

  1. Dathoang95
  2. iamawgtmaster
  3. ap1forthewin

Master Tier

  1. haiau00
  2. MarcelDionne
  3. sandsman

Tour Master Tier

  1. K1ngM1chael
  2. savethetatas
  3. IePkrwd

Legend Tier

  1. BolloxInBruges
  2. Win1Soon
  3. Buckthebuck

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