The Dirty Dozen

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1 month ago   by Miaski0

Looking for a few more members to join in and have fun. Only a level 7 club but we hold our own.

-Create your own tournaments however you like. Just ask if it’s a Custom Course it’s created for the entire 4 weeks. If you like “red tee” tournaments so be it I don’t care what the conditions are.

-No requirements to play daily passes that’s all up to you.

-Play Clashes and Turf Wars at your own desire. No pressure playing them.

-No requirements for chat apps.

-If you are an active high scorer super passes will be wide open during the Clash to be used at your discretion. If not a high scorer they will be locked. Only reason is we try to finish around top 100 for that free CC builder solely using super passes. 

-If you are a dual profile player please move along don’t want the drama regardless of what stories you tell me. And trust me it’s easy to find out who you are just need to look at your activity page alongside your friends list. 

Any questions just ask.

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