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Published in World Golf Tour
1 month ago   by Dookus69

Can someone please help me out? I recently got back into the game after seeing an add for it. I had an account a couple years back but stopped playing and lost access to the account because I couldn't remember the username/password combination and no longer had access to the email associated with it. I had spent money on that account and was a decently high level if I remember correctly so it sucked but I went ahead and made a new account. I was able to play for a couple weeks before I got logged out and received a user disabled error when I tried to log in. I love this game and would like to continue playing but as of now I have no way to play and am very upset since I spent money ont his new account without knowing that I was doing anything wrong at all. :( I dont care which but I would like to be able to play on one of the accounts and just have the other deleted. I've sent in three help tickets with no response so I'm resorting to the forums page. 

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