Proper response to improper recruiting

Published in Winners Circle
5 months ago   by jacktrade51

Since I don't want to get into hot water with WGT a second time in a month, here is the question:

What is the appropriate response to improper and unethical recruiting?  In this case, just today, the owner sent out 150 wall posts to various players.  I have no idea how she chose them.  From a quick span, 7 to members in my club.  1 to me??!  1 to Finny … anyone who pays attention to World Cup knows him.

Her club has 247 members … most of them not very good players.  (I say that for a club that accepts players at all skill levels.  We don't aspire to be Transgressional or SEL, which I mean with respect.)  A 2% response and she cannot accept every one.

I remember a certain club … it has Black Diamond in it's name just like my club (Black Diamond GC) … and getting blasted from all over the WGT universe for something we had nothing to do with.


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