Intel and MediaTek Partner to Bring 5G to Laptops

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1 month ago   by Duey Guison

With 5G going on full steam, Intel partners with MediaTek to bring 5G connectivity to future laptops. For this partnership, Intel will be utilizing MediaTek’s T700 5G data card to have support for non-standalone and standalone Sub-6 5G networks.

“With Intel’s deep expertise in the PC space and our groundbreaking 5G modem technology, we will redefine the laptop experience and bring consumers the best 5G experiences,” MediaTek President Joe Chen said.

MediaTek has already tested the model for 5G SA calls in real-life test scenarios. It also claims that the T700 5G is power efficient, making Intel laptops equipped with this modem last long even with 5G enabled.

The first laptops to have the MediaTek T700 5G are expected in early 2021.

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